VetCount™ Harvester Sperm Purification Device

1 box including 5 pcs. of VetCount™ Harvester Sperm Purification Device


  • Separates the best quality sperm cells in a Frozen-thawed equine semen sample
  • Improvement of Progressive Motility, sperm Viability, sperm Morphology, sperm with Acrosome damage as well as sperm with DNA Fragmentation
  • Reduces the number of damaged and dead sperm cells and thereby the negative effect these type of sperm cells have on the mares and the fertilization process
  • To be used for ART and ICSI 

1 box including 5 pcs. of VetCount™ Harvester Sperm Purification Device, 15 x 1 mL syringes and Instruction for Use leaflet.


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