VetCount™ Harvester

A NEW Sperm Purification Device

why choose vetcount™?

• It is with the VetCount™ Harvester possible to separate the best quality sperm cells in a Frozen-thawed equine semen sample

• You will get improvement of Progressive Motility, Sperm Viability, Sperm Morphology, Sperm with reduction of sperm cells with acrosome damage as well as Sperm with DNA Fragmentation

• You will see a reduction in the number of damaged and dead sperm cells and thereby the negative effect these type of sperm cells have on the mares and the fertilization processt

• You can use the device for insemination or other assisted reproductive techniques such as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

• Simple and efficient to use


How to use the VetCount™ Harvester dEVICE

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With the VetCount™ Harvester we are now for the first time able to purify
a semen sample before insemination. Contrary other systems, The VetCount only
lets the sperm cells with the best properties migrate across the filter
incorporated in the system. The technology is mimicking the selection of the
sperms cells inside the uterus and fallopian tubes leaving an improved sample
for insemination of the mare without most of the dead and damaged sperm cells
any ejaculate always will contain.”

Veterinarian, Jesper Møller Nielsen, Ansager Hestehospital, Ansager, Denmark

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