sperm quality test for production animals

why choose vetcount

• VetCount is designed to measure the single most important parameter in
male fertility, the number of progressive motile sperm cells.

• The device is portable and can be used next to where insemination is performed. It can therefore be used to screen the semen sample before insemination and by doing so avoid using sperm samples with low sperm quality and thereby decrease the reproductive loss.

• VetCount can be used to increase the quality control of the most important factor in mordern farming reproduction and optimization of the whole insemination process. 

VetCount and Insemination

Almost 100% of all reproduction in livestock production is performed by insemination or other Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) procedures. VetCount measures the number of progressive motile sperm cells, which is the single best predictor for sperm quality. VetCount is a mobile and battery operated device that can be used on-site and by doing so reduce the reproductive loss which is caused by low sperm quality during insemination.

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”After the transition to Internal CORE Semen, the
reproduction loss in my production of Sows has
dropped considerably from approx. 13% to approx. 2%.

VetCount Sperm Quality Test for Production Animals
will ensure me getting an even better result prior to
insemination compared to the visual assessment of
sperm quality that I am doing today using microscopy.”

Pig Producer, Erik Pedersen, VANGEN Vrå, Denmark

“Being able to evaluate a semen sample in the field
is great as a quality control of the semen sample
before inseminating. Contrary to other systems, the
VetCount technology is mimicking the selection of
the sperm cells inside the uterus and fallopian tubes,
by doing so we get a much more precise evaluation
of the quality of the sample.”

Vet, Jesper Møller, Ansager Hestehospital, Ansager, Denmark

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